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Amy Lynne
People who refer to their friends or significant others in their blogs by their user names and not their real names.  Yeah, I know that sometimes it makes sense if you're linking to their journal or if you only know when online so that's who they are to you.  But, the real people in your life?  I just realized that I didn't even know the real name of someone that one of friends talks about all the time (the woman he's going to marry).  I had to use some detective power to hunt it down (I looked up their wedding registry) cause it was bugging me that I had no idea.  It's weird to me.  I don't get it.  Someone please explain this to me.
Maybe from now on I should post about how fotoman311 and I are doing.  Josh will exist no more!!
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I'm currently dog sitting for my parents, at least for tonight.  I came over to my parents after work to let Gracie out and hang out with her for a little bit.  I'm hoping to take her back to our place to spend the night tonight and then tomorrow she'll head over to Todd and Melinda's for a night, because we'll have company. 
After a long day at work I figured why not take Gracie for a walk.  It would calm me down and it would be good for her to get outside and the sun was still shining.  I leashed her up and we headed out for a chilly walk.  Let me explain now for those of you who don't know Gracie, that she's a grand total of about 4 pounds.  So me and the 4 pound dog are out walking and she's trying to hunt for a spot of grass in the snow.  She finds one and does her thing, peeing mind you, although I had my little plastic bag with me in case she had other business.  Just as she finishes this woman sticks her head out of her garage and screams, "Can I come pee in your yard?"  What the hell?  Seriously, what the hell?  My response was something like, "If you want."  I walked away fuming that this bitchy woman had ruined my peaceful walk.  Was my 4 pound dog going to kill her grass in February?  Does she police the squirrels in her yard and not let them pee there either, because I would imagine their bladders aren't much smaller than Gracie's.  I think this just really caught me off guard because I guess I've been lucky in the 26 yrs of my life and no one has ever really said anything to me while I've walked any of our dogs.  I think maybe once or twice some grumpy old person has made some comment when one of the dogs was pooping in their yard, but they're always satisfied when you pull out the plastic bag and pick it up. 
I realize that I should not let this bitchy woman bother me, but nonetheless it put a damper on my relaxing walk.
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There's no good way to start a post about death.  So, Savannah Banana our sweet little hamster has left us for the big hamster wheel in the sky.   I had no idea how attached I had become to her until I had to watch her die Sunday night.  If you think that hamster's are stupid little animals and not worth getting attached to you should probably move on now.
I feel kind of like a loser for being so sad about losing her, but she was our first pet together, our little baby, and she was the sweetest hamster I've ever met.  She was really friendly and even when she would try to bite a finger she never bit hard.  She had a really great temperament. I would talk to her and pet her and she was fairly spoiled as far as hamsters go.  I think it sucked more because it really caught us by surprise.  She had been acting a little weird for a few days, sleeping a lot more than usual, but we thought maybe her sleep pattern was just off cause she wasn't getting much darkness since she ripped the roof off her house.  Sunday we went and got her a new house and when we got home and tried to put the new house in we could tell things were bad.  Josh picked her up and she was really out of it and very limp.  We sat with her on the couch for a while and held her.  She'd wake up once and a while and then as soon as she'd try and do something she'd pass out again.  We could tell she didn't have much longer.  She was still alive when we went to bed, but was gone when we got up in the morning.  She wasn't even a year old.  We thought we would have her for a couple of years.   Yes, I'm probably much too sad about a little rodent.  Please keep your opinions about that to yourself. 
Since the ground is frozen and we couldn't bury her we ended up putting her in the freezer in my parents basement.  It was the only thing we could think to do.  Once we get a house we'll bury her in our yard.  I feel like that's the right place for her because she was supposed to live there with us.  I kept telling her how it would be better and she could run in her ball all the time and not worry about bugging the neighbors. 
Tonight I have to clean up her cage and all of her things and pack them away.  I'm really not looking forward to it, but I think it will be better to have it all out of the living room.  We'll probably get another hamster soon, but I'm not sure any will ever be as special as Savannah.  Honestly I really just want to get a dog, but we can't have a dog until we have a house and I don't like not having a pet of any kind.
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It's been snowing for days, which is nice because I wanted snow.  I also have been wanting to play in the snow, but we've been so busy lately that it just wasn't happening.  Today at work I decided, even though the temp. was dropping all day, that we would go sledding tonight.  I got out of work early and picked Josh up from work and we went to the hardware store to buy a sled and a mop. 
We bundled up and headed over to the sledding hill.  It's the closest hill to our house and I wasn't sure if it would be very good, but it turned out to be pretty nice.  It was long enough for a decent ride, but after going down we didn't have to climb back up to the top forever.  The problem of course was that it was freezing and windy.  The other problem was the bump at the bottom of the hill.  Last week Saturday Josh and I were headed out to a movie and I fell on the ice on the back step.  Our landlords normally coat the steps with salt, so I wasn't even paying attention and I hit the bottom step, which was covered in ice.  I fell and landed with the top half of my butt on the bottom step.  Basically I fell on my tail bone.  It sucked and it hurt for a few days, but I thought it was better, that is until I went down the hill the first time and hit the bump.  Then all of the pain came back.  I decided to try and find a different part of the hill where the bump wouldn't be such a problem.  Well, there was no bump, but apparently people weren't using that side much cause there was tons of loose snow, so every time I went down the hill I got a face full of snow.  This was not much fun since it was so damn cold out.  It would be all great going down the hill until I got towards the bottom and then my face would be covered in snow and it would burn so bad all I could  think about was going home.  It didn't get any better even when I got the snow off cause the wind was so cold.  So, sledding didn't last very long,  I stood at the top of the hill facing away from the wind for a little bit while Josh kept sledding.  While we were there a dad and his two kids showed up and went down the hill once or twice and left and I heard the dad telling them as they were leaving, I tried to tell you it was really cold out. 
Josh finally gave up and we headed back to the car.  Josh reached into his pocket for his keys and discovered that his pocket was not zipped and his keys were not in it.  You can probably imagine how pissed I was at this point since I was freezing cold and all of my clothes were covered in snow.  At least I had thought it bring my keys, so we weren't locked out of our car and having to walk home.  We headed home and I got a different coat, mittens and hat and Josh got us each a light.  We headed back out into the blowing and drifting snow.  In the car I didn't think it would be so bad, but then we got out there onto the big hill with all of the drifted snow at the bottom and I couldn't imagine how we would ever find the keys, everything was white and fluffy.  We decided they were probably at the bottom of the hill cause he probably lost them when he fell off the sled.  So there we were wandering around in the dark on the snowy hill trying to find our needle in the haystack.  I would see something dark and kick around in the snow, but it was always these seed pods that must have fallen from a tree in the area.  I was wondering how long before we'd give up when I kicked what I thought was another pod and the snow move and there was more black.  It was the key to our car!  Woohoo!   I would guess it probably only took us about 10 minutes to find the keys, but I can imagine if we hadn't been so lucky it could have taken much longer.
Now it's actually Saturday morning because I didn't finish typing this last night cause we were watching a movie and it was French, so I needed to read and not just watch.  I must get on to cleaning the house more cause it's way too cluttered and I need to use my new mop.
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Hmm, there's so much that I want to post about, mostly stuff that I just want to remember, not because I think anyone really cares about it.  I'm feeling rather behind, like all the way back to November behind.  Josh and I are still trying to figure out how to go about finding some friends in our neighborhood, but we haven't let it stop us from going out and doing things.  We really like the area that we live in and we've found that we can walk to a lot of different things.  Some nights we just go for walks and explore the neighborhoods and try and find areas that we might want to buy a house.
In November we headed down to Eastown to a "night before the election" Democratic party.  When we first arrived there weren't many people there, which of course wasn't shocking since West Michigan is full of Republicans.  Thankfully as the night went on the crowd grew.  A lot of the local politicians were there and there was live music and around 10:30 the governor made an appearance.  For some reason I thought that Devos might have some sort of chance, but I was wrong.  Four more years of Jenny, yay!  Our voting experience was less than pleasant.  Our polling place is in the basement of an old folks home/apartment complex, so it was super hot and there was a rather long line.  I will plan my wardrobe better for the next election.
The night before Thanksgiving we went out with Kristen and some of her friends to Mulligans.  We both drank plenty, so the walk home in the cold felt like nothing.
We've been attending a decent amount of events at the Wealthy Theater.  Last night we saw River City Improv.  They're really funny and this is even more impressive because they're funny without anything dirty.  Their shows are totally family friendly.  We tried to see them last week, but we got there 15 minutes before the show started and stood in line only to have the show sell out long before we got to the door.  Last night we arrived 45 minutes early and got in and got pretty good seats.  I think it was in November that we attended a Vaudeville show there that was very good.  In early December they had a free movie day where they showed It's a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story.  Neither of us had ever seen It's a Wonderful Life, so we went to that.  It's a really cool old place and it's great to see people there and even better to see a full house.
We went and cut down a tree for our first Christmas and got our car stuck in the mud.  We managed to push it out.  Our tree was wonderful and only $10.  We went to the Heritage Hill Neighborhood Christmas potluck and I got talking with a couple people about trees and they told us about this little place they always go for their trees.
We've been to the arena for some hockey games and for a 10 yr anniversary open house, where we got to see all the behind the scenes stuff, which honestly was not very impressive.
We've been to the Urban Institute for Comtempory Arts a few times recently.  They have a great holiday artists market and we attended that to purchase a photograph of the bean from Millennium Park in Chicago.  We had seen this photographer in the past at shows and had decided we wanted some of his work, but we never had enough money on us to buy it.  It's now hanging in our living room.  It's the only picture on the wall that's still a work in progress.  I imagine we'll have the wall just perfect just in time to move out.  We've also gone to a movie at UICA and will probably go to more in the future.
We have season tickets for Actors Theatre at Spectrum Theater.  Our landlady is very active with the organization and directed the first play we went to back in the fall.  After that show we decided to just buy season tickets.  Last month we saw Tick Tick...Boom.  I've been wanted to seeing it for a long time and was not disappointed.  The same night as Tick Tick...Boom we went to the holiday event down on Division in the arts area.  They have a bunch of galleries and live/work spaces for artists.
In past month or so we've attended a couple of events at the St Cecilia Music Society.  Josh won tickets to see an awesome classical guitarists.  We also went to the holiday concert for the St Cecilia community bands.  It was really amusing since almost all of the band members were over the age of 60.  It was fun though because it was free, it was festive and there were free cookies and punch after the concert.
For Christmas we received an art museum membership and we're looking forward to using that.  I'm also looking forward to the opening of the new museum. 
Right before Christmas we hosted a Christmas party at our house, which was either a great success or boring, depending on who you talk to.  I had a good time and all the crap I cooked turned out, so it's a success in my book.
We also have to go ice skating down at Rosa Parks Circle a few times this winter.  We kept talking about doing it last year and never made it, but since we now live within walking distance we really can't miss out again.
I'm sure I've forgotten something.  I guess looking back at all of this it's no wonder I feel like I never have time to get stuff done and I don't really care much about cleaning the house.  Maybe January will be slower, but not for another week.  Thursday after work we're leaving for Omaha to see Josh's family for a little belated holiday celebration.  We weren't able to make it for the Duggan family Christmas, but we still want to go and see everyone.  We will be able to attend a holiday party at the home of some friends of Josh's mom.  We had a nice time at it last year and figured if we could make it this year we'd plan for that weekend, thus we'll be off on Thursday, returning on Monday.
Oh, I almost forgot: yesterday we tried out yoga for the first time, at the new yoga place a few blocks away.  We both liked it and are considering taking some classes there.
I guess I also left out all of the Gerald Ford stuff we went to, or watched or whatever.  I did post about it once before and Josh posted about the lines for the viewing, so I guess you can check that if you want to know more.
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If I had had any clue about what today would bring, I would have called in and stayed home to get some sleep.
Half of the people I work(ed) with got fired today. Seriously, half of the office staff is no longer. Sure we had a small staff, but that's still 5 people in one day (plus some managers on different shifts that I haven't heard about yet). I'm sure many of you have worked with someone who got let go and you know how bad that can be, but just imagine 5 people in a span of a few hours. Oh and one person who got let go is the mom of someone who gets to stay. Let's just emotions were running very high and I was really glad when we got to go home at 2:30.
This is one of those times when I wish we had cable, cause all I really want to do right now is veg out in front of the tv and do nothing.
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I've really got to get some quality sleep sometime before NYE or I'm going to be asleep before the ball drops. I seem to have no trouble actually falling asleep, but then once I'm asleep I wake up a lot and I have all of these crazy dreams which cause me to wake up feeling distressed. It didn't help that last night the hamster started banging her wheel into her food dish at 1 am and I had to get up and renovate her house. It also doesn't help that it's way too hot in our room, so I have to wake up to remove all of my covers, which sucks cause I like sleeping with covers on. Tonight I think I'm shutting off the radiator in our room.
I'm typing now cause I'm avoiding breakfast since we don't have any bread or milk, which kind of eliminates my usual breakfasts.
Last night we wandered down to the Ford Presidential Museum to see the "shrine" people have been creating. It was pretty interesting to see. Josh took pictures, so maybe I'll have to get him to put some up, along with pictures of our tree and "jew star" from the street and maybe some pictures from our party Saturday night.
I've been meaning for months to post more regularly about the things we've been up to, partly for anyone reading this and partly just cause I want to remember. It seems though that we're either out doing something or I'm just happy to have a quite night at home to get household things done that I never get around to entering anything.
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I guess I posted about this on Myspace, but forgot about doing it here.
We're having a Christmas party on Saturday, the 23rd. I can't actually remember what time we decided it was starting, but it will be in the evening. There will be much food and drink.
If you need directions let me know.
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gobble gobble, happy thanksgiving
josh's computer sucks, but he keeps stealing mine
I don't remember the last time I forgot how many drinks I've had
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I miss having the internet. It's frustrating to not be able to have my mental meltdowns in a public arena. I just end up having to tell Josh about them and I don't think he's all that amused.
I also miss knowing what's going with people and being able to look things up when I think of them. I used to be sitting around and think of something and if I didn't know an answer I'd just go look it up, but now I just have to stay in the dark about things. It's rather frustrating.
I also missing being able to post about something when I'm actually thinking about it and posting when I'm actually thinking clearly. Now is not one of those times, but now if when I have internet access.
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With any luck Josh will have a few of our professional wedding pictures up on our website later tonight. You can check http://amyandjosh.net/cpg/index.php?cat=61 to find out if it happens.
That is all for now.
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Wow, deleting all the wedding communities off my friends page was wonderful. I can't handle any more of that crap. I still feel like I owe a post recapping everything with pictures, cause I really got a lot out of the communities, but I have no desire to read about any of those other people's weddings. It's kind of weird cause I thought once it was over I'd have tons of free time and maybe I'd miss the planning or the anticipation of the event, but I don't. The week before the wedding was so stressful and awful and I'm just so happy that it's over and that everything went so well. When Josh and I got to our hotel room the night of the wedding we just kind of sat there in total exhaustion and marveled at the fact that everything went really well, even better than we had hoped it would. Or at least everything that we saw went really well and we'd like to continue thinking that, so if you were there and there was something that you didn't like, we don't really want to know cause it doesn't matter cause we won't be planning anymore weddings, so we don't need to learn from our mistakes.
I wish that I had posted a recap sooner after the wedding, but between honeymooning and moving and not having internet at home or work I just haven't had much time. I check my email about twice a week when I get over to my parents house or if I can find time to walk down to the library. We've kind of been putting off getting internet and cable tv cause the cost of it is just not justifiable.
So let's see, the wedding... The night before I actually got 6 solid hours of sleep. Before the wedding I had been exercising a lot and going to bed the same time 7 days a week so I was getting really great sleep. I wish I could get back into that habit. I'm even more amazed that I got so much sleep cause I was really nervous about the actual ceremony. The rehearsal didn't go very well and I wasn't sure what to expect on the day of. The other big issue was that we had decided, pretty much the day before, that we were going to have to have the ceremony inside (all week we had watched the weather and tried not to have to make a decision yet). Earlier in the week I had a meltdown in the bathroom and work and came to terms with the fact that we weren't going to be able to have our outdoor wedding, so by Friday I was okay with the idea, but unsure of how we would make it work.
Anyhow, back to the day of the event. After all of the ladies and I got our hair done we headed to the park and set up camp in the kitchen in the back. It was rather cold, so we turned on the oven and gathered around it for heat. I kept peeking out into the main room to see how the decorating was going. The guys did most of it and I was very impressed with what a good job they did. My mom stopped at Pier One on the way to the park and picked up all of the candles and holders to put on the fireplace (this was a last minute, night before idea that we had come up with). I was really happy with how beautiful everything looked inside. I have to also say that throughout the day I was really surprised with how I reacted to things. Little things went wrong, but nothing really bothered me very much.
I barely remember walking down the aisle. I remember looking for friends in the crowd, people to smile at. I only later realized that I didn't hear anything. Peter (our musician) could have been playing anything and I wouldn't have known if it was the right song or not. All through the ceremony my nose kept running cause I was really cold. Josh kept smiling at me and trying to get me to smile and I kept worrying that I was going to have snot all over my face.
I was so happy that the weather had cleared up after the ceremony and we were able to take pictures outside. We did a bunch in the park and then we went to visit my grandma and take pictures with her. This is when the limo broke down and this was probably the worst thing that happened all day. This was just one of many times when our friends and family really came through for us. Dan jumped into action trying to distract us and although the limo company sent us another limo we were going to have to give it up an hour early because they needed it for someone else. My brother and Melinda jumped right on this and called Melinda's parents and lined them up to pick us up at the Ford Museum in perfect time for us to arrive at the reception at our scheduled time. I think the three of them are really who helped get me through the day. They were so ready to step up and do anything for Josh and I that would help us out and help us have the best wedding day. And really Melinda was there for me for weeks and months before the wedding answering my stupid questions and doing anything she could to help me out.
After we got the new limo we headed to the Eastown Street Fair, which was so much fun to visit all dressed up. We got a lot of stares and a lot of congratulations. There was a woman selling wooden roses and she gave me one to match my bouquet.
While I'm typing all of this up I keep thinking of really cool pictures we took and I really want to get our pictures from the photographer. We're hoping we'll get them sometime next week. We got a little sneak peek of about 4 of them and they're really good and I want to see the rest!
When we arrived at the reception I felt really rushed at first, but that was partly because I had planned things so that we could get some of the formalities out of the way right away. We cut the cake right off the bat so we could have it to eat right after dinner. I really didn't want people to have to sit around waiting for stuff for too long. Josh managed to not step on my feet during our first dance, so that was a major plus. The rest of the night is kind of a blur. Well I do remember going around and talking to all of the people at the tables. This was one major thing I was dreading. Due to my social anxiety issues the idea of having to talk to all of those people was really stressful to me and I had been thinking about it for weeks, but we finished and I turned to Josh and was like, wow, it's done and it really wasn't that bad at all. What a relief it was to have that done and over. Then there was the blur. I danced a lot. I remember that much. Don't think I was drunk so that's why I don't remember. I barely drank anything at all. I never had time to get over to the bar. I just remember looking at the clock at one point and being so surprised that it was so late and so many people were still there. I had a huge fear, that grew the closer we got to the wedding, that because we were only planning on about 100 people that the reception wouldn't last very long, that we wouldn't have enough people dancing and that everyone would leave. I was totally wrong. People danced and enough people stayed so that we danced right up until the 11:30 ending time. I was completely and totally exhausted, but I didn't want the night to end so I kept dancing. Finally it was over, well once Dan and Co. sang along to all of American Pie. Josh and I climbed in the car to drive to our hotel and once I sat down it finally hit me. My feet hurt worse than they ever hurt before in my entire life. All I wanted to do was get to the hotel and stick my feet in the whirlpool tub in our room, so that's what I did.
That's all I can think of right now. I'm so happy that things went so well. All of our vendors (sans limo company) were so great! Josh's mom and her relatives did a wonderful job decoration the hall. I can honestly say that I had my dream wedding and that I don't have any regrets about it. To all of you people who told me it was going to be great and to stop worrying: You were right! Thanks for being there for me!
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Wow, I didn't realize that it had been two months since I lasted posted.  How time flies when you're busy.  I hesitate to say having fun, cause there was plenty of not having fun.  Yesterday though, was fun, once we got through the ceremony and the formalities and were married and could celebrate.
So, yeah,  I'm married and that seems so weird to me.  I went on Myspace and changed my profile to married and I felt old.  Of course I actually feel pretty much the same, just really, really tired.  I'm at my parents right now doing laundry and trying to pack for the honeymoon.  We haven't completely moved into the apartment, so most of my stuff is still here. 
I have no idea why I'm typing on my mom's computer, when I could be using my new computer, but alas I am.  Yes, I finally got a computer, well actually Josh bought it for me as a wedding present.  I was completely shocked when we got to the hotel last night and he pulled my laptop bag (that I bought back when I had the crappy laptop that I returned) and handed it to me and inside I found a Mac PowerBook.  I'm still working on getting used to using a Mac, but I'm very excited about it.
There are tons of stories and there will be pictures, but now I must go see if my husband really got up from his nap.
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I keep meaning to post because there is so much going on, but because of all the stuff happening it's hard to ever get around to it. 
Between wedding stuff and new home stuff it seems like we're never home much at night.  We spent about a week or so apartment hunting and Friday we put money down on our new home.  We'll be living in the Heritage Hill neighborhood.  We're living on the northern boundary and  have half of the second floor of the house and the owners live on the whole first floor.  They seem like really cool people and they're into a lot of environmental issues that interest us.  Currently they are developing a green community in Northern Michigan called  Thorntree Commons.   We looked at a lot of apartments, but this one was on the most inviting street, with the best landlords and really had everything we looking for, such as a big kitchen and a garage.  I'm really excited to start moving in.  We will start our lease on August 15th.  I won't be actually living there until after the wedding, but we'll be moving everything thing and Josh might move in before then. 
Since we now have a home to put furniture in we went and bought our mattress and box springs tonight.  They'll be delivered in a couple weeks.  It's all been so fast and exciting and it's just finally making the whole marriage thing seem even more real.  I'm really excited for the wedding and for moving into our new home.
Besides the new home stuff we've been doing a ton of wedding planning.  We met with the caterer about a week and a half ago and sampled the food we'll be having at the reception.  Everything was delicious.  I hope it's just as good on our wedding day.  Last week we met and booked our guitar player for the ceremony.  We really liked him and I'm really happy with the music he plays.  I think it's going to work really well.  On Sunday Melinda and I addressed almost all of the invitations.  We just need to get the maps done and they'll be out in the mail next week.  I think sending them out will be a real dose of reality.  There are still tons of things I need to get done, but I'm feeling pretty good about where we are a little less than two months out.
I have to sort of retract my last post because I ended up taking the laptop back.  It wasn't working out as well as I had hoped and I knew I wouldn't be happy with it long term.  I don't have the money right now to get something better, so we're just going to wait a couple months.
In other exciting news we've been driving around the state a little too much to do stuff with Abby and Co.   Two weekends ago we went to Lansing to a Lugnuts baseball game.  This past weekend we went to Ann Arbor canoeing.   After completely our traditional Trader Joe's shopping we stopped off in East Lansing for dinner and ice cream.  It's weird being back there and walking around.  Everything pretty much looks the same and everyone is the same age, but a lot of the stores are different and I just feel kind of old.
Speaking of feeling old, I think I'll be going to bed soon.
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This is the greatest!!!
I bought a laptop tonight.  It's wonderful. I've been wanting one for quite some time.  I finally broke down and bought one.  Josh finally messed around with the dsl and got the wireless router working.  Now I can finally compute somewhere other than the computer room on my mom's computer.  Right now I am sitting all comfy in my bed and surfing the web.  No more computer sharing for me. Woohoo!
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Apparently exercise really is good for you.  I was feeling pretty damn depressed for a bit earlier, but after about an hour on the treadmill I'm feeling better about things.
I had a blast from the past at work today.   We had a holiday lunch/cookout.  We (the office people) arrived later than usual (with the plates no less) so there were actually people from the shop out eating.  We normally get there early so we can get the best choice on everything, but we were slow today.  I glanced over at one of the picnic tables and I saw this guy who looked familiar and I looked again cause I couldn't place where I knew him from.  It suddenly dawned on me.  I went on a really bad blind date with him 5 years ago!  One of the woman I worked with at Holland American fixed us up and it went really terribly.  Just to make sure, I asked Jenny what his name was, and it was for sure him.  Jenny and Lori were highly amused that I had gone out with him.   I thought I had posted about it back in the daty, but  I couldn't find anything.  Basically we made it through a movie, although I recall going to the bathroom and wondering if I should make a run for it, and then I asked him to take me home.
I'm excited for the upcoming week.  I have a nice long weekend and lots of stuff to do.  Josh will finally be back later in the week.   Then next weekend is my bachorlette party and my bridal shower.
I feel like I need to crosspost this to myspace cause I seem to have audiences in both places.   I'm not sure how I feel about that.  I don't like the blog on myspace at all, especially since it never sends emails about comment replies and crap.  Hmm...
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I've been meaning to post for days now, but have never gotten around to it.  I guess I only posted on Myspace about the new car.  We picked it up on Tuesday.  I am now the owner of a royal blue 2006 Honda Civic.  I like to call it the moon mobile.  The 2006 is a completely new design and it took some getting used to.   Really the whole car is taking some getting used to.  As much as my car sucked towards the end I'd been through a lot with it and I was sad to leave it there in the parking lot.   It's been a week, but I still feel weird driving the new car and it always catches me a little off guard when I go out to the parking lot at work and realize it's my car.  I like it.  I like that it gets way better gas mileage than my last car and that it's an ultra low emissions vehicle, which means it's pretty much as good as it can be for a car.  I really liked the people at  Rivertown Honda as well.  On the other hand I would never set foot in Toyota of Grand Rapids again.  I'm sure it helped that Rivertown is new and they're trying really hard to get customers, but a lot of it was also Chris, the owner/general manager.  He was a really great guy, proof of this is that I actually let him hug me. 
Josh posted pictures of the car buying process and you can see them here.

I got a call yesterday from my friend Shannon, letting me know that she had her baby.  Seems the person she put in charge of calling people didn't do a very good job, cause Zane was born on Friday.  We went up to the hospital to visit him.  He was really cute.  Josh took a ton of pictures.  I need to look through them and get some printed out for her.  You can see baby cuteness here.  You should also understand that this means a lot coming from me cause I'm not a huge fan of kids.  Zane was cool though cause he was cute and he was asleep almost the whole time we were there.

I was planning for a better entry, but it's getting late and I'm tired cause Josh and I went for a rather long walk.
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I got my shoes/flipflops for the wedding at Target today. My mom pointed them out to me and they're perfect and cheap cause it's Target.

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I am obsessed with this song by the Fray. Thank my local deity for Myspace cause it allows me to listen to the song over and over again and not buy the cd because I would surely be sick of it within a week.
I've been posting more on Myspace recently and I don't really know why other than it's something different and there's a different audience. Livejournal has been feeling stale. It could just be all those awful wedding communities on my friends page that I can't bring myself to get rid of. I might miss something important... I feel like posting something about my current thoughts on marriage and why people do it and stuff, but I don't know if I really feel up for it.
My eyes are killing me from all the smoke Kristen was puffing in my face at Fridays so I'm off to remove the contacts.
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On a lighter not: Last night after work I headed down to Mulligans to drink with Kristen. I went across the street and picked up some Yesterdog. Yesterdog and beer was totally the way to get my weekend started. So, good.
I hung out with Kristen and her friend Trisha, who I briefly met at Founders last weekend. She's a very intelligent and beautiful person and I'm hoping I'll get to know her better. I know she doesn't hang around Kristen's house too much, but I'm hoping I'll see her around. It was nice to be out and frankly if my job continues the way it is I think drinking every Friday might be the way to go. I'll just need to find people to drink with cause Kristen is normally working on Friday afternoon/evening.
I got a thank you note last week from the bridal shop. It thanked me for buying my dress and gave me their estimate for when my dress would come in. Not until the end of June! I really want it now. I want to have the wrap that goes with it so I can pick out other stuff. I also I just want to walk around the house in it. :)
I decided that my dress is fancy enough so I'm going to go light on accessories.  So, there will be no tiara.  Today I ordered these to go in my hair. 
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